ALBERTO VIRGEN es un abogado Litigante que se especializa en todo tipo de casos de inmigración, incluyendo casos de Ajuste de Estatus, Ciudadanias, Peticiones Familiares, Extensiones de Visa, Permisos de Viaje y Trabajo, casos de defensa contra cargos de DEPORTACION. El abogado Virgen tambien proporciona defensa contra TODO TIPO de cargos PENALES, y litiga distintos asuntos en los tribunales civiles como los de las personas que han sufrido LESIONES CATASTROFICAS Y GRAVES que fueron causadas por la negligencia de otros(accidentes) y por los actos intencionales de otros, y casos de productos defectuosos. Alberto lleva mas de 15 años trabajando en asuntos de inmigración. Con respecto a las otras areas de su practica, el abogado Virgen lleva mas de 21 años litigando y representando a personas en casos que involucran defensa penal y litigando asuntos en tribunales incluyendo accidentes catastroficos.

El licenciado Alberto Virgen tiene licencias ortogadas por los siguientes tribunales; La Suprema Corte de Justicia del Estado de Texas y otros circuitos; incluyendo las Cortes de Inmigraccion.


ADRIANA MAJUL-VIRGEN has been a licensed attorney in the State of Texas for 21 years and is in excellent standing with The State Bar of Texas. Adriana feels strongly about her approach to the way she practice laws: be fair, be kind and be reasonable. This method has developed over years of life experiences and she is not afraid to “do things differently.” Being the mother of two active sons, she understands the stress and complications of being a mom, wife, friend, attorney and career driven person. She has developed a skill in helping clients save legal fees by working patiently and efficiently with her clients to resolve their legal matters in an amicable fashion. In doing so, her methodology is unique and different: Adriana will work to avoid further conflict and suggest options, plans, ideas, and incorporate organization all for an anticipated resolution.

Adriana’s practice is not limited to one field; she has a passion for resolving matters for her clients in many different areas of the law. Adriana has a different logic to finding a middle ground or a resolution to your legal matters or disputes: “back to the basics.” She works closely with her clients to resolve matters respectfully, cordially, amicably, efficiently and with an ultimate expectation that the outcome will result in a positive and comfortable end avoiding time consuming and costly court litigation. For individuals seeking to avoid the courts and sky rocketing legal fees, Adriana is an attorney that is passionate about “working things out, being fair and doing the right thing.” She is a person of the utmost integrity, ethics, confidence, sincerity and compassion. Adriana welcomes all areas of law for review and consideration.

Adriana is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, and is a native of San Antonio, Texas. She attended Incarnate Word High School, St. Mary’s University and TSU School of Law. Adriana has been married for 22 years to Alberto Virgen, who is also her law partner. Together she and her husband complement and balance one another in their styles of legal practice; Alberto more traditional and Adriana more innovation and original. Additionally, Adriana is actively involved in volunteering at both her sons schools, their extracurricular activities, church and service projects.

Adriana thanks you for taking the time to read this brief biography and trusts that you will find the right attorney and resolution, in her representation of you. Virgen & Virgen Attorneys at Law looks forward to taking the time to listen to you, talk to you and, help you resolve your problem.